The Fitbit accurately tracks the amount of calories you've burned, steps taken, distance you have traveled and the quality of your sleep every night. It contains a 3D motion sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii to record and store this information. The Fitbit tracks your motion in three dimensions and converts it into useful information about your daily activities that you can use to assess your health.You can wear this device on your waist, in your pocket or on undergarments. During the day it can track how many steps you've taken, the distance you traveled, the amount of calories you've burned as well as the amount consumed.
At night, you can wear the Fitbit clipped to the included wristband in order to track your sleep. It can record specific information such as when you went to bed, when you actually fell asleep, how many times you woke up, the number of hours you were in your bed, and how long you actually were sleeping. Anytime you walk by the included wireless base station, data from your Fitbit is silently uploaded in the background to

It can answer questions such as:
  1. Did I get enough exercise today?
  2. How many calories did I burn?
  3. Am I getting good rest?

  • You can wear the Fitbit Tracker in your pocket, on your pants, shirt, bra by using the clip, or to your wrist when you are sleeping.
  • Walk within 15ft of the provided basestation and your data will be automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website.
Docking Station
Docking Station
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Fitbit Ultra

Released in the fall of 2011, the Fitbit Ultra adds a few features
  • an altimeter that measures elevation gain in terms of floors, with one floor roughly equivalent to ten feet.
  • a digital clock visible on the device’s display
  • a stopwatch that can be used to time activities
  • randomized “Chatter” messages show when the Ultra is moved after sitting idle for awhile, and there’s a custom field to write in a personal “Greeting”.
  • new colors (plum or blue, as opposed to the original teal)

The online portion has also added Foursquare-esque badges that attempt to make losing weight and staying healthy all the more fun.

Fitbit - iPhone App

In October 2011, Fitbit launched a native app for the iPhone. The app syncs between itself and the user's account on to update information. Users can log in their activities, food and water intake, weight, and they can track their fitness goals even when not near a computer.

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Fitbit Zip

This device is a wireless activity tracker, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned then syncs the stats to your computer or select smartphones. With this device it encourages you to set goals and and even challenge friends in goals. This device also comes in 5 different colors.

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Fitbit One

This version of Fitbit is similar to the Ultra and Zip but has an added function. The Fitbit One measures your sleep cycle and helps you learn how to sleep better. It also has the same sync function and tracking functions.


Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit Aria is a scale that tracks your weight, body fat %, and BMI over a period of time and wirelessly uploads the information to There is also an iPhone app that you can view your stats on.

The Fitbit Tracker contains a motion sensor like the ones found in the Nintendo Wii. The Tracker senses your motion in three dimensions and converts this into useful information about your daily activities. The Tracker measures the intensity and duration of your physical activities.

  • Login to the Fitbit website to see detailed data and also participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers.

Fitbit Screens
Fitbit Screens

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