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“The world is your gym” (iTunes)
Fitnio is an exercise App. It keeps track of the exact data like a treadmill or elliptical would. The difference from that would be instead of the gym being inside, it keeps track while you use the outside as your gym, whether it’s walking, running/jogging or even cycling.

Fitnio has the ability to use the Smart phone’s GPS technology to accurately track the workouts you do and tells you by displaying a map where you are and how far have you moved either by walking, running or cycling. You can see where you began and finished your workout. The Fitnio app “calculates and displays on the screen the distance you traveled, the speed at which you were going, the pace you had during thwe workout and the amount of calories burned during the workout”. (3)
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Results are automatically linked up through the Fitnio website. It keeps track of everything and starts new each week but keeping the older results. Users are able to click specific results from any exercise that goes to another page showing the results in depth. It has a map of the route taken, which mile was the best and worst. It is nice to see how a user did each mile done. And that will push people to help improve themselves.
It is easy and simple to use for anyone. It does require at least an iPhone 3G. Offers cool down options and resuming exercises. It lets a user add in an emergency contact under the Safety tab. You press the “Emergency” button while excising to dial that specific person. The emergency cal lis a great feature because it eables the user to easily contact someone in case of an emergency. Having the information already logged in the application makes calling as easy as pressing a button and can add a sense of peace of mind to the user that he can reach for help in a fast and efficient way. Also lets you add basic information about yourself so it can give an accurate reading with all the data. By putting in weight and height so it can calculate user’s body mass index.
Fitnio does not have ads and is not as costly as RunKeeper Pro by about 80%. It costs about $4.99 through iTunes.
Users are also in control of their music. It links up to the Music App. Whatever is selected in their list (shuffle, repeat, etc.) will play through the App. Users can go through Fitnio App, under Music select the playlist and that will be what is listened to throughout the workout. Music will start playing once the user starts moving for the workout.



Fitnio is an App that is downloaded for any iPhone that is a 3G or better.
Has a website: that automatically uploads user’s data with the push of the “finished” button.



One of the biggest negatives it has against it might be how much battery power it uses. It stays on throughout the whole workout, so user should make sure they charge their phone fully before the workout.
  • • Also offers no tech support from costumers experiencing problems like not working or counting calories wrong while cycling.
  • • It does not offer sound. Voicing how much progress is made (every mile that is completed), some users like that and some do not; it really comes down to a preference. This may or may not be a negative depending on the user.
  • • When users receive email, texts, or calls it interrupts the App, sending a warning of lost GPS signal.
  • • Fitnio’s musical advantage over the competition will likely be short-lived. (Jason Kincaid, Fitno: Finally, An iPhone Exercise App that Gives You Control of Your Music)

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