General Practice Administration System for Scotland

GPASS.jpg Created in 1984 by David Ferguson in Glasgow, Scotland, GPASS manages over 4 million patient records, used in almost 80% of primary care centers in Scotland, that's four million people. Some of its activities, other than record storage, include electronic Hospital Referrals, linkage to Laboratory Systems which enables practices to receive their lab results electronically, as well as electronic prescriptions. GPASS to themselves as "Scotland's Primary Care IT System" and is publicly owned.

GPASS 2007

GPASS 2007 is a recent upgrade to their GUI system for patient record storage built on the SQL 2000 platform. This version emphasizes on ease of use. They tout the fact that over 1000 hours was spent on the design of the new system, and they believe this will in turn help improve patient care. Features include:
  • Clinical Scenario Toolkit
  • Filters ("alphabetically, by date, by problem, by type of data/encounter, or a combination")
  • Prescription Management
  • Prescription Instant Alerts
  • eAMS, a national programme for electronic prescribing and part of a grand ePharmacy infrastructure plan.
  • Messaging
  • Clinical Imaging Storage

Labs 1.3

This improvement on a current system plans on reducing the times on electronically sending and receiving information between clinicians and the lab, as well as reduce paper used in the process. The purpose of the upgrade is to reduce costs and reduce the time spend on the phone trying to find out about late transfers.

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