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The GetWellNetwork (GWN) developes inovative solutions to improve the care of patients in hospitals. The GWN has developed a way to have patients and patient's families interact more while recovering in the hospital. This interaction also allows caregivers and administrators to give better quality services. The software provides a way for patients to learn more about their condition, hospital care, and their safety, as well as enjoy other entertainment. This allows the patient to have a more personalized care experience while recovering.

In order for the GWN to develope leading solutions it partners with variouse companies inclding Dell, Dlink,American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), as well as many more. The GWN has an extensive clent list that include a number of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. Some of these hospitals include Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, and Valley Medical Center, Seattle, Washington.


The GWN uses automated prompts called GetWellNetwork Patient Pathways that are on the patients monitor. These prompts are sent at times controlled by the hospital staff. These prompts are to interact with the patient and for them to give feedback. Some of these patient pathways include the Patient Welcome, Safety Education, Hygiene Education, Smoking Education, Patient Satisfaction Feedback, Pain Assessment, as well as a few others. These are picked by the patient's caregivers and any concerns the patient may have are addressed immediatly. This is important for the overall satisfaction of the patient.

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