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Global Health Informatics Partnership


The Global Health Informatics Partnership is an organization dedicated to providing education, training, and skills to international health providers and information consumers by combining information and communication technologies to achieve better healthcare access for all, while also improving the effectiveness.


The purpose of GHIP is to support an international learning community focusing on merging health care and technology, to broadcast globally. They intend to build international networks that provide health care information that improved "health care delivery" on a global scale.
GHIP has began to build relationships with different institutions, which can mentor new/potential partners and share health informatics that lead to better health care. All of the Global Health Informatic's Partnership's activities must conform to certain standards and open-access principles and practices, are set by established informatics principles.


1) Raise physician and consumer awareness of various health resources

2) Establish a collaborative learning community, which is foremost concerned with delivering healthcare information world wide to improve the way medicine is practiced

3) Determine the most efficient tools and methods of practice, that can serve as an international medium


There are a number of ways to get involved with the GHIP community:

•Join or start a community of practice with a certain focus
•Participate in the GHIP community question and answer forum
•Donate or provide other financial support

Using GHIP:

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The Health Informatics Building Blocks (HIBBs) project provides practical tools to help educate health care practitioners in low-resource settings. With initial program funding provided by the Rockefeller Foundation, HIBBs promotes the development of open source educational materials that provide knowledge and skills on health information use and management. HIBBs are educational lessons that give critical knowledge and skills needed by workers to carry out their jobs.

Web Resources:

1) iHealth Beat
2) HMN
3) GHIP Home
4)IMIA News (wordpress)

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