HHS OCR stands for the Office for Civil Rights and Health and Human Services. They are in charge of maintaining HIPAA regulations, training social service workers, and carrying out investigations when patients claim their rights have been violated (HHS OCR, 2014). They protect citizens from discrimination in the medical and social services field. HHS OCR is involved in community outreach to help citizens understand their rights when it comes to health information security, and social services.
Their website is updated frequently on information regarding updates to laws related to HIPAA, PSQIA, and other related fields. They also have a section where you can file a complaint online.

Application: HHS OCR is applicable in the health informatics field because they are the regulators and investigators of the levels of health information security (HHS OCR, 2014). They go by the definitions set forth by HIPAA and maintain them as well as protect citizens from having their information taken advantage of. They are the final approval of the majority of health related technology services (HealthIT.gov, 2014).
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