Term: HISPC - Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (Gornick)

Description: RTI International started the HISPC in June 2006 under contract with the US Dept. of Health and Human Services to handle the concerns regarding the security and privacy of electronic health information. It is titled "collaboration" because it is based on the participation from seperate states and territories rather than the nation as a whole.

Originally 34 states and territories were in conjunction with the HISPC and now (2008) The total has reached 42. The goal of course is for all of the US's states and territories to fall in, as the need for effective, standardized policies regarding electronic health information grows.

HISPC helps with the standardization of the security issues, privacy laws and policies dealing with the health care industry. The main purpous of HISPC is to standardize the policies throughout the entire United states. Patients move constantly and are then needed to be reminded of the different policies each state gives. The HISPC is helping to eliminate these differences and create a more uniform standard of policies in order to reduce confusion and increase effectiveness.

Applications: The HISPC calls for contracts and meetings from each of its state/territory members so that not only effective, significant, and relevant practices will be used but also the practices can become standard across the board. The HISPC is the power behind the effort to standardize effective policies concerning patient consent, privacy laws, policies and policy options, and also the education of healthcare providers about these issues. The HISPC also facilitates interorganizational communication along with standardization. This in itself will help many of the cross-state (for example) healthcare issues we already have today. Also, if something in Louisiana works, it may help Ohio to know about it.

Web Resources:
http://healthit.hhs.gov/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=1240&parentname=CommunityPage&parentid=2&mode=2 - Includes PDFs of the different policies giving between the different states.

Related Terminology: PHDSC, MHDC, many other involved organizations


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