HITRUST (Health Informatics Trust Alliance)


HITRUST is an alliance that is comprised of members across the health care spectrum and governed by the Executive Council that agree on a common security framework for the entire health care system to adopt to standardize security systems for the industry. HITRUST believes that a standardized higher level of security systems will greatly increase the trust of electronic information and the confidence of customers as their information flows from one specialist to another. This framework is intended to provide a higher level of security to be used by all parties to "create, access, store, or exchange personal health information".

The Executive Council is the collective group of leaders from across the healthcare industry that repsresent HITRUST and consists of the following organizations: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, CVS Caremark, Cisco Systems, Highmark Inc., HCA, Humana, Johnson and Johnson Health Care Systems, Kaiser Permanente, and Phillips Healthcare.


HITRUST has recently confirmed a release data for the first-ever Common Security Framework for electronic health information. This common framework will help effectively safeguard vital health records. This framework will provide tools to organizations that use or exchange electronic health and financial information by effectively protecting their valuable assets across geographic regions. This new technology will aid the current health care industry by removing the confusion, inconsistencies, an vulnerabilities of current security measures. The CSF has met and has been internationally accepted by security standards where applied.

The framework that HITRUST is pushing to implement will reduce all kinds of confusion from multiple organizations that possibly use different systems that may not be compatible. Setting information security standards on all individuals healthcare privacy will provide organizations and institutions, that agree to the terms of the standards, a way of collaborating and developing better guidelines as time goes on. A government driven design will not solve the realities of health security as conditions evolve.

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