Title: Health Informatics World Wide (HIWW)

Description: Health Informatics World Wide is a site with resources for health informatics information. The web site is maintained by Stefan Schulz and Stefan Schlachter from the Freiburg University Hospital. This site is basically a large world-wide index of health informatics and is a great start for anyone looking for information on the industry and how it is growing in different countries.

Application: The main content section has upcoming events in the world related to health informatics. The site contains links organized by country to a page with more links to various organizations in said country. Clicking on USA will bring you to a page with a number of main organizations as well as other organizations by state. There is also a way to look up information by topic such as Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformation, and Telemedicine. Clicking these links brings you to a page with links to organizations throughout the world specializing in whatever topic was requested. Another interesting point is the ability to find journals on any of the topics.