The Health Information Journal, or as it is at times alternatively called Health Informatics Journal is a U.K. monthly medical journal published by Rob Proctor of the University of Manchester. Health Informatics Journal is a tool used in healthcare that provides a peer reviewed international forum for the exchange of data, practice of professionals, improvement, and shows some research.The editorial board includes some of the foremost professors in the fields of Clinical Informatics, Computer Science, and Communications from universities and reputable organizations across the United Kingdom. It remains one of the leading online and published journals on the subject in the U.K. and has been in publication since 1995. The website (cited below) contains all previous versions of the journal, both in paperback and electronic form.

The Health Informatics journal is an open access for publisher and its goal is publish most accurate and reliable information. The information is very accurate because when the first editor publishes it then it goes for approval to at least two other editors before it gets published. Its information is based on the findings and current improvements in the mode of original topic and case reports. It is freely available online and there are no restriction of any kind of subscriptions to researchers worldwide.

The Journal is affiliated with the British Medical Informatics Society and shares some of the some personnel. The Journal concerns all things relevant to healthcare informatics, e-health, electronic patient records, e-learning in healthcare, web-based information services; clinical decision-making, knowledge management, quality control, evidence-based practice, healthcare service usage; healthcare applications of mobile and pervasive technologies, assistive technology; evaluation and use of healthcare IT, design and development methodologies for healthcare IT, and security and confidentiality.


  • The journal publishes work from the fields of informatics and telematics, the health professions, computer science, engineering and management.
  • Provides leading information about the health informatics field as it relates to other disciplines from a variety of scholarly and academic sources.
  • Provides a comprehensive dynamic where individuals in healthcare IT field and associated fields can work together to achieve their objectives.

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