The Health Information Network is a non profit health affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA). Health Information Network started in 1981, and provides health education and community resource information and referrals. Its mission is to improve the health and safety of school personnel and students by providing the school community with vital and timely health information that will increase teacher and education support professional quality and student achievement.

The Health Information Network provides Health information to 2.7 million educational employees and serves over 30 million students. The NEA HIN distributes this information nationally through its network of 53 states and territories as well as over 13,000 local education associations. The NEA HIN is the link between public schools, national health organizations and government agencies. Since its inception the NEA HIN has addressed numerous health issues that affect its members and student. Issues include Aids/HIV, substance abuse, cancer, teen pregnancy, nutrition, asthma, school safety and various other health and safety related issues.

The Health Information Network focuses on sexually transmitted diseases (STD), HIV/AIDS. It provide this education through conferences and distribution of printed materials at conference exhibits. The educational programs have provided the tools and knowledge for a variety of audiences to work more effectively with those affected by these diseases. They have organized more than 1,850 programs, courses, conferences and exhibits since 1982. In addition, their agency responds to telephone requests, linking callers with health related community resource information. The Network serves organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals wanting information about STD and HIV/AIDS. Health Information Network is supported by grants, fees for service and donations.

Primary Goals of Health Information Network
  • To provide accurate information, increase public awareness and understanding of STDs, HIV/AIDS through prevention and intervention education;
  • To maintain STD and HIV community resource directories;
  • Provide innovative ways to access and distribute this information;
  • Provide health related resource information for the public;

Health Information Network Services include:
  • A speakers' bureau consisting of experts for health care providers, non-profit organizations, businesses and schools;
  • Offering the Washington State Department of Licensing HIV Course. Course format consists of live speakers and a personal perspectives panel for health care providers;
  • Offering the HIV/AIDS Licensing Course Video. Kit meeting Washington State Department of Licensing requirements for health providers in health care institutions, health care training programs, hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies. Contains the required 4 hr. HIV course and 7 hr. HIV course in one kit with instructions on how to use and who needs which requirement;
  • Offering the HIV/AIDS Online Training Video Licensing Course. Online video content meets Washington State Department of Licensing requirements for health providers in health care institutions, health care training programs, hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies. Content consists of a 4 hr HIV Training Bundle, and a 7 hr HIV Training Bundle. Bundles have the correct set of segments for the WA State Dept. of Licensing HIV education requirements. The 7 segments are also available as separate segments which can be used general educational purposes. To receive certification for these courses, you must first register for them, then login using the links at the top of this page. Be sure to use the name to which you want your certificate issued. Please check our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns;
  • Offering other health related courses such as Blood Borne Pathogens Training, OSHA required annual training for all health care institutions;
  • Staffing exhibits for health fairs;
  • Consulting services for non-profits, HMO's, health departments, private practice medical communities throughout Region X and national health related agencies;
  • Linking the public with appropriate health care community resources through our telephone information/referral service Monday through Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

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