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HealthVault, launched in October 2007 by Microsoft, is an online program that allow users to enter, store, and manage health information. HealthVault is a Personal Health Record (PHR), in the sense that it is a record of an individual's health record, and can store numerous types of private information. However, the user can control the security of the information stored, for example a user can allow whoever he/she wants to view to the information (usually doctors or family members).

There are many devices that are used with HealthVault in doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals worldwide. Some of these devices are:
  • Precision Weight Scales
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Pedometers
  • Peak Flow Meters
  • Heart Rate Monitors

Since its origin, Google has come out with a very similar application called Google Health. Google Health has experienced more success, and most find the interface more user-friendly. Being a very good model and product example, Google Health didn't create the impact it wants to their targeted users and will be discontinued January 1, 2012.


Some of the many applications offered by HealthVault are:
  • CardioSmart- Used to track Blood Pressure, follows the American College of Cardiology guidelines and informs your physician with helpful ways to deal with hypertension. This tool tracks many different things, such as medications and lifestyles that are relevant.
  • registeR4Health- A very simple tool that allows you and your doctor or physician to share your health information securely. It will avoid registration errors, save time, and will re-use your previous information to lead to a more helpful and efficient next visit. All of the information is securely stored in a HealthVault database.
  • My CVS/pharmacy Prescriptions- With nearly 7,000 locations worldwide, CVS has become the leader in subscribed prescriptions in the US. This application will allow you to link your HealthVault account to your local CVS/pharmacy and safely and easily manage all of your prescription information.
  • My Mood Monitor- A brief symptom checklist that will allow the user to screen mood disorders you may have (bipolar, anxiety, and depression) in a simple, user-friendly review. A short confidential summary will be displayed to show how much of a burden the symptoms may or may not be causing. It will even allow you to track all of your symptoms over a long period of time.

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