Indian Association for Medical Informatics

Established in 1993, IAMI IAMI.jpgis an organization that was created in order to further permeate health informatics
into the Indian medical field. Also, according to the objectives labeled on their website they will do so with "lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and and demonstrations of medical software in all parts of the country and impress upon all the concerned on the necessity and benefits of various computer applications in Medicine, Health and Hospital Services."
Their mission goes further than just informing the medical community, IAMI also helps practices decide what health informatics systems would be right for them. Also, they offer help and assistance to members of the organizations for any IT problems they are having, regardless of who advised them to install it. For the most part, IAMI is in place to place India on the cutting edge of Health Informatics. In addition to all of this, IAMI publishes a new bulletins about the industry for their members.

To get a basic idea of the topics that IAMI covers, here's a listing of some of the topics discussed at their 2007 conference:

  • Impact of RFID on Processes in Health Care Institutions
  • A comparison of Telemedicine in Germany and USA
  • Future of Medical Informatics and Tele-Health in India
  • From Rural Telemedicine to Ubiquitous Healthcare
  • EMR in Rheumatology
  • Real problems of implementing EMR in India

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