IBM Watson

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A large information supercomputer that can relay information to the user from the input from its massive database. It acts using an artificial intelligence to decipher questions, analyze the question through natural language interpretation, gather information on the input data and the amount of relevance it has to the question from a massive grid of 90 servers using complex analytics, and responds shortly with different answers according to relevant accuracy to the input using hypothesis generation, evidence gathering and so on. The information is stored on 16 Terabytes of RAM and can be updated and upgraded, and is run on nearly 2900 processors


"According to one expert, only 20 percent of the knowledge physicians use to make diagnosis and treatment decisions today is evidence based. The result? One in five diagnoses are incorrect or incomplete and nearly 1.5 million medication errors are made in the US every year."

The use of Watson can help support more and more evidence based medicine by having a stored database, accessible format for doctors and patients (such as a questionnaire), and giving quick, relevant, and updated results based upon the input.

Database storage for medical journals and historic patient data that all can't be viewed at once by human eyes, but with Watson's performance, the task of finding relevant data can be easy for doctors to check against current patients

Mining patient data to find more relevant information about the family medical history, priot and current prior and existing medication and conditions the patient has or is currently using.

"Watson can incorporate treatment guidelines, electronic medical record data, doctor's and nurse's notes, research, clinical studies, journal articles, and patient information into the data available for analysis."

In 2013 Watson has now begun assisting in the decision making when it comes to lung caner treatment at Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center.

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