It is a organization with the goal of enhancing the way computers are used in healthcare to exchange information. The systems are developed with the intention to create networks which can easily communicate with each other. IHE has established standards of DICOM and HL7 to meet medical needs while creating a system that can easily transfer any information. All levels of medical care can benefit with this system so that it is effortless to track the progress and care given to patients. The IHE is working with IT professionals in order to create a trial implementation in 2007-2008.

IHE requires for patients and doctors to make electronic health records (EHRs) efficiently and securely. With the help of IHE, the adoption of EHRs will accelerate and will improve the exchange of information between healthcare systems. The goal of IHE is to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of clinical care by making information accessible to both patients and doctors.

IHE brings together HIT stakeholders to carry out standards for transferring patient information effectively among healthcare enterprises by developing a foundation for each other. This does not mean that IHE creates new standards but drives the adoption of these standards for specific clinical needs.

IHE has several different domains to address different problems in one area:
  • Anatomic Pathology (PATH)
  • Cardiology (CARD)
  • Eyecare (EYE)
  • IT Infrastructure (ITI)
  • Laboratoy (LAB)
  • Patient Care Coordination (PCC)
  • Patient Care Devices (PCD)
  • Pharmacy (PHARM)
  • Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH)
  • Radiation Oncology (RO)
  • Radiology (RAD)