iTraumaCare is a new company funded in 2010 with the purpose of creating tools to prevent death in situations involving traumatic injuries. The companies premier product is the iTClamp which has already been FDA approved and is designed to solve the number one cause of death in trauma scenarios which is massive hemorrhage.

Before the clamp, the common solution for dramatic blood loss has been to apply pressure and bandages to try to stop the bleeding and allow clots to be formed. The iTClamp doesn't rely on applying pressure on top of the wound but instead seals the edge of a wound closed with a pincer-like grip. This causes the blood beneath to not be able to escape and instead pool up and form a clot which then mitigates the loss of blood. Once the bleeding has stopped the clamp can be removed by pressing the lever on either side of the device. If necessary another clamp can be placed on the victim or multiple clamps to seal a larger wound. In addition the clamp can be combined with gauze/bandages to further help reduce the loss of blood. After the patient is brought to a hospital the clamps can be removed and surgery can be performed.

The benefits of the iTClamp is the ability to be applied fast and create a tight seal on the wound, minimal training to use it, and its durable compact form. In addition there have been no reports of any pain applying the iTClamp and it is assumed that the wound being closed is causing greater pain then the tight grip of the clamp. Currently there are no known negatives due to the device being so new and is only now starting to be tested in real world situations.


iTClamp's purpose of sealing wounds where applying pressure wasn't enough has allowed it to reach several hospitals to be used in multiple situations. However with the device being so new it has not been applied to every situation that could have benefited from it.

Currently the device has begun to be mass distributed in north America since October 3, 2013. The iTClamp is commonly used for extremities however as of October 23, 2013 the scalp has been included in the indications of use by the FDA.

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