Imuregen is a dietary supplement with documented health benefits including those of an immune system builder, performance enhancer and catalyst for cell regeneration. By using highly efficient natural substances such as essential nucleotides, amino acids, and oligopeptides, Imuregen is able to increase the body’s immunity. In addition, Imuregen accelerates the healing process and has been shown to be effective in combating fatigue and the negative effects of stress. Based on long term experimental research and clinical studies in the Czech Republic, it has been confirmed that Imuregen has positive effects on the total regeneration of the body and immune system. It also provides protection from viral and bacterial infections. Imuregen is introduced into the digestive tract in active form thus allowing the body to absorb only the substances it needs for optimizing performance, avoiding stress and disease, and to improve metabolism during a disease. Imuregen regulates the body’s stamina by modulating the cellular and hormonal function of the immune system. It is designed for adults and children and contains no sugar so it is suitable for diabetics. Over 50 years of testing Imuregen has proven that it is absolutely non-toxic, non-addictive and that it doesn’t accumulate or remain in the body.



The positive effects that Imuregen has on enhancing the immune system’s ability to combat disease make it an important health consideration for those individuals who are concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they age. Some of the benefits of Imuregen include:
  • Supports absorption of supportive nutrients required for cellular immunity
  • Increases intestinal integrity
  • Helps to speed up tissue regeneration
  • Helps to improve physical, mental and sexual life
  • Eliminates feelings of weakness and depression
  • Reduces tiredness and relieves insomnia
  • Supports the digestive tract, kidneys and liver
  • Supports weight reduction
  • Breaks down body fat reserves

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