New Term Influenza Vaccine:
The Influenza Vaccine also known as a “Flu Shot” can be given either through an injection or as a nasal spray similar to allergy medication. Unlike most vaccines the influenza vaccine must be given every year. Because of how quickly the influenza virus changes the previous year’s vaccination will not protect you from the current year’s virus.
According to the CDC anybody six months or older should get the annual Influenza vaccination. Although the type of flu shot that should be administered will vary depending on the specific circumstances. On most people either the traditional influenza vaccine or the intradermal version should be fine. An Egg free flu shot is available for those who have severe allergies to eggs. A high dose vaccine is recommended for those who are 65 and older. The nasal vaccine is approved for those aged 2 – 49.
As much as 20% of the public receives influenza vaccinations annually. Because of this organization is key to the efficient vaccination of the American public. Many people don’t even have to go to their primary care physician to receive their vaccination they can instead go into walk in clinics and convenience store pharmacies like CVS, Publix, or Walmart. This makes it possible to quickly vaccinate as many people as possible in a short amount of time. Health Informatics can make it even easier and more convenient for the public to receive their vaccinations making it easier to set up appoints either online or even through a smart phone.
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