International Conference on Health Informatics


The International Conference of Health Informatics is a conference which brings practitioners and researchers that are interested in the application of communication technologies and information to healthcare and to the specialized support for indivuals that have special needs. The conference brings people together who are interested in familiarizing their selves with the human and social issues of technology in different aspects of human to machine interactions.

Authors who attend the conference are encouraged to submit original papers covering one of the many conference topics. Papers should include methods, techniques, advanced prototypes, applications, systems, tools or survey papers, reporting research results and indicating future directions. The first conference was held January 28-31, 2008. The next conference takes place January 14-17, 2009 in Porto, Portugal. There will be four keynote speakers that come from different universities or institutions.



Here is a list of some of the topics that will be covered at the International Conference on Health Informatics:

- Cognitive Rehabilitation
- E-Health
- Data mining
- Telemedecine
- Evaluation and use of Healthcare IT
- Practice based Research Methods for Healthcare IT
- Databases and Datawarehousing
- Physiological Modeling
- Healthcare Management Systems
- Wearable Health Informatics

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