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Iron Mountain is a company offering records management services that help organizations lower the costs, and potential risks of managing their physical and digital data. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain is a $3 billion-a-year global enterprise based in Boston, MA. Iron Mountain manages billions of information assets for organizations around the world. These information assets include: Document Imaging and Management, Health Information Management, Records Management and Storage, Secure Shredding, Data Backup and Recovery, Technology Escrow Services, Consulting, Marketing Production and Fulfillment Services, Entertainment Services and Secure IT Asset Disposition.

In recent years, Iron Mountain has become one of the top on-site data storage and data backup services companies. With several different locations throughout the U.S, Iron Mountain has provided organizations with a disaster preparedness plan. As a result, companies are able to recover any lost documents in the event of a natural disaster, human error, hardware failure, or virus.

Transition to Electronic Health Records

Iron Mountain provides a comprehensive tool for patient records management, including Physical Records Management, Physical to Digital Conversion, Digital Cloud Storage and Healthcare.

With Iron Mountain’s Health Information Management Solutions, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services that will help you transform the way you store, protect, manage, and recover patient information, including:
  • Physical Records Management Services
  • Physical to Digital Conversion Services
  • Digital Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Healthcare Consulting
Regardless of where you are on your journey to the Electronic Health Record or the format of your current files, by working with Iron Mountain you’ll get the leadership infrastructure, industry expertise and proven processes to support your evolving needs and lower your costs

What services does Iron Mountain provide to assist physicians?

  • Document Conversion- Seamlessly convert paper charts to electronic medical records.
    • Choose Only Files you need:
      • Day forward conversion
      • Image on Demand
      • Backfile conversion
  • EMR Transition Planning– Assist healthcare organizations through the transition of going to Electronic Medical Records
  • XRay digitization service- address the challenges of managing film and digital images in parallel.
    • Improve radiologist productivity
    • Increase accuracy of interpretations and conduct remote diagnosis
    • Streamline workflow
    • Reduce costs
    • Avoid the high cost of equipment purchases, upgrades and maintenance
    • Optimize your film management
    • Free up valuable floor space for expanded revenue-generating opportunities
  • Consolidates Onsite and Overflow Records. All active and inactive records are centrally stored, organized, and indexed using a common file sequence.
  • Medical Records & Film Storage- can store and manage a broad range of media including medical files, radiology films, cine films, pathology slides, paraffin blocks and fetal monitor strips, as well as human resources records and other administrative and financial records.
  • Virtual Unit Patient Record (VUPR). The fully indexed records system provides a holistic view detailing all components of a patient’s health information, regardless of physical location.
  • Active File Management for Healthcare- ideal for hospitals and health systems focused on transitioning to electronic records. consolidate active and inactive records into a single system. Medical records are stored and managed off-site, and as a result, valuable hospital space can be used for revenue-generating opportunities. This consolidation reduces time tracking charts, maintaining file rooms,performing purges and managing file room staff—allowing you to significantly reduce yourcurrent in-house medical records management program costs.
  • Off-Loads File Maintenance Operations. Record retrieval, filing, interfiling, and other information management activities, including regular and STATs, are performed by dedicated staff provided by Iron Mountain.
  • Pathology Storage Management-
    • Reclaim space in your laboratory by securely moving your slides and blocks offsite, to a facility optimized for pathology storage.
    • Protect the integrity of your assets with the optimal temperature and access controls.
    • Easily track, locate and retrieve your assets when they’re needed.
  • Storage, Purpose-Built Open Shelf and Carton Filing. Accommodates a wide variety of other record formats: fetal monitor strips, mammography records, cine films, EKG strips, wax blocks, etc.
  • Image Hosting-
    • No capital investment for infrastructure
    • Fast, convenient access to patient and business records from any system with a Web browser—increasing productivity and even improving patient care
    • High security through access controls and secure links
    • Enhanced compliance through consistent, secure and well-documented records management practices
    • User-friendly search and retrieval functionality
    • Uninterrupted access to key records after a disaster
  • Image on Demand™ Service. Outsources scanning operations, facilitates the delivery of documents and enables historical information to be integrated with EHR systems.
  • Vendoe Neural Archive-
    • Improve patient care by having access to a complete patient record and being able to share that information across your entire organization.
    • Minimize your dependence on PACS providers by leveraging a truly vendor neutral archive that delivers a central repository of all medical images and other digital clinical files.
    • Simplify your storage environment and eliminate the cost of future PACS migrations.
    • Access all of your images, even when your PACS is down.
    • Reduce costs by limiting the number of interfaces required to connect to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other information systems.
    • Minimize risk by managing the lifecycle of data through the use of intelligent retention management policies.
  • X-ray on Demand Service. Speeds the delivery of x-ray files and feeds them directly into existing PACS systems where they can be viewed alongside new images.
  • Medical Imgae Archiving-
    • Dramatically lower the total cost of managing backup and archiving
    • Improve backup and disaster recovery effectiveness
    • Reduce the complexity of managing backups, storage systems, data migrations and preservation
    • Unlimited scalability with pay-as-you-grow pricing
    • Free IT resources to focus on your core mission
    • Vendor neutral storage that provides maximum flexibility and independence, allowing for consolidation of storage (including other fixed content)
    • Coding and Transcript Service. Provides an alternative source of coding professionals on an as-needed basis.
  • Server Back Up
    • Return productive time to your resources by replacing manual, complex, daily backup chores with an automatic data backup service that ensures easy, fast, and reliable data recovery.
    • Meet RTO and RPO objectives by initiating restore options for your server and application data via a web browser with little or no IT intervention at any time, from anywhere.
    • Minimize data loss with continuous backup and mirrored data centers. SysTrust® certification ensures appropriate internal controls are in place.
    • De-duplicate at the source for native, embedded data de-duplication.
    • Encrypt data at the source, in transit, and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption
  • Release of Information-
    • Fulfill your ROI requests without the risky transfer of records back and forth from storage.
    • Gain full visibility into your ROI workflow and know that you can meet deadlines.
    • Stop manually tracking the status of ROI requests and doing time-consuming administrative functions such as invoicing, fulfillment or collections.
    • Secure Destruction of Records. Ensures certified destruction of medical records in compliance with HIPAA and automatically manages retention schedules
  • Secure Media and IT Asset Disposition-helps you destroy and recycle or repurpose numerous IT asset types via reliable, environmentally friendly, and secure services capabilities and best practices.
  • Special Projects for Healthcare-
    • -Pack/Purge/Shift: free up valuable onsite storage space
    • -Dropfiling/Interfiling- provides file services on an outsourced basis or by helping you develop workflow procedures that empower your staff to dropfile loose papers and interfile records consistently and reliable.
    • -Master Patient Index(MPI) Cleanup- help eliminate duplicate patient folders, reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and enhance data integrity for improved patient care.

Solutions for Healthcare:

By streamlining your information management processes, you can:
  • Manage cost while reducing risk.
  • Protect and secure patient information.
  • Transition smoothly from physical to electronic health records.
  • Seamlessly deliver a single-format, complete patient record to the point of care.
  • Offload your administrative burden and free up your resources so


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