Laboratory Information Systems(LIS)

A laboratory information system (LIS) is a class of software that receives, processes, and stores information generated by medical laboratory processes. These systems often must interface with instruments and other information systems such as hospital information systems (HIS). A LIS is a highly configurable application which is customized to facilitate a wide variety of laboratory workflow models. Deciding on an LIS vendor is a major undertaking for all labs. Vendor selection typically takes months of research and planning. Installation takes from a few months to a few years depending on the complexity of the organization. There are as many variations of LIS as there are types of lab work. Some vendors offer a full-service solution capable of handling a large hospital lab's needs; others specialize in specific modules. Disciplines of laboratory science supported by LIS include hematology, chemistry, immunology, blood bank (Donor and Transfusion Management), surgical pathology, anatomical pathology, flow cytometry and microbiology. This article covers clinical lab which encompasses hematology, chemistry and immunology.

LIS can be used by doctors to track every part of a patient's visit to them. They can be used to manage patient check-ins, order and manage different tests, processing, order and result entries, patient demographics, etc. All of the information from a patient's visit will be stored in the database for future reference and will update with every future visit.

The software applications developed for the healthcare field. It is created by American HealthNet and is aimed at a wide array of organizations that are involved in healthcare such as nursing homes, surgery centers, home health agencies, clinics, hospitals, and medical laboratories. The AHN now supports over 250 healthcare locations with its software which has improved and streamlined the processes of these institutions. The software is designed with windows users in mind and ranges from order management to patient EMRs. The software is so flexible that it can even be easily integrated into financial applications. All the LIS software meets the standards of the industry for privacy, security, and efficiency.

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