The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a data management computer program which is used to report the sampling, testing and business decisions related to the Florida Department of Transportation's Quality Assurance Program.

In an effort to increase the quality and effectiveness of materials testing and to provide customers with timely testing reports, the State Materials Office has undertaken an effort to spearhead the statewide Task Team with representatives from each district for the purpose of acquiring a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Currently, the Department utilizes a manual system for sample entry, tracking material samples and transfer of test results for generating, reporting and storing test data at the central and district material laboratories.

LIMS will be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory test samples by automating the process via interface with existing databases and selected testing equipment to track the progression of samples from receipt through testing to reporting of test data. LIMS will also be used to provide statistical analyses of materials and manufactured products to support quality assurance and independent assurance activities.
The software and associated databases will be centrally located and accessible by users through LAN/WAN connectivity. Ideally, LIMS will run in an Internet environment to provide a larger base of accessibility in remote offices.
LIMS will ensure that:
§ laboratory samples are tested efficiently and accurately;
§ sample tracking will improve by automating sample logging;
§ test results will be reported to our customers in a timely manner;
§ test results will be reported to our customers in the most useful format.