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Life Record was established in 1998 and was the first web based medical record system based on Intersystems Cache database. Life Record Inc. is based in New Mexico and Delaware. The Life Record EMR system features many different things that makes it unique. Its latest release is 5.0 and is compatible with Mac, Linux, PC, iPhone, Google Android Phone platform, and the Blackberry Storm. LifeRecord has introduced single-click billing and e-prescribing. It is also boasting a brand new interface and allows physicians and patients to communicate through e-mails along with the so called fastest EMR available.



For Doctors

ChartAnywhere allows doctors referring patients to create a 20 digit code to give to the referred physician. This allows the physician to instantly view certain medical records including notes, labs, imaging, prescriptions, active medication, and the entire medical chart. All online, all instantly. The refereed physician can add their own notes, images, lab results and more. The need for faxing charts from doctor to doctor would eventually become unnecessary.

For Patients

With the 20 digit code, patients can review their record in its entirety. They can even watch their ultrasound on their PC. They can even view their records on the IPhone. Also, patients can now e-mail their physicians through ChartAnywhere. Patients will not be able to make changes to their file, but they are able to view it at anytime as long as Internet access is available. Patients are also available to produce print-outs of all information in their LifeRecord.


LifePax is a third generation template that allows new users to easily learn and answer question in LifeRecord. Its ease is due to only wanting to record problems you notify it to.


LifeRecord boasts iPhone compatibility. Medical imaging, charts, medication, and lab reports can be shared and accessed through one's iPhone. All records are verifiable. Allowing physicians to check records out of the office on the go in the case of any situation. Physicians can even send text messages over LifeRecord through the phone. Pictures like X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and echocardiograms are also able to be accessed.

Other Features:

LifeRecord also has real time updates, so when someone updates a record, it is readily available to be seen. It is also full integrated with messaging systems like Skype and can utilize a Macs webcam. It allows advanced imaging like DICOM and X-Rays.

The LifeRecord software is not only web-enabled, but it is a full-blown server application. Doctors can choose to have their servers hosted by the company -- they would be in charge of software updates, etc. The other option would be to host it as a Stand-Alone at the practice. The software is shipped to the practice's office and can be installed locally. Internet is required, but the EMR software is also tangible.


E-Mail: support@liferecord.com
Phone: 1.877.577.3727

Mailing Address:
Life Record Inc.
403 West Broadway
Suite 133
Bloomfield, NM 87413

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