Group Contact Info:

John Idasetima:
Quin Coston
Nina Hecht
Nephtalie Pierre
Kristina Pittman
Availability: Fridays after 2:30

Project Outline

1. Problem statement

The goal of the Med FSU card is to make things more efficient by saving time and increasing patient awareness.
  • A lack of knowledge of patients results in doctors taking advantage of patients and insurance companies
  • Irregularities in billing (upcoding) leads to a higher overall health care cost
  • There is continued increasing costs in US healthcare with more patients subcoming to illness due to lack of funds to afford treatment and a lack of knowledge of cheaper alternatives to a more expensive treatment
  • Using the FSU med card patients could speed up the time it takes them to check in by providing an updated medical history online before their appointment.

2. Evidence to support the problem

3. Potential solutions (list 3-5)

  • Supplying students with possible alternative to more economically feasible treatments via Blackboard tab
    • Able to get results faster linked directly through the Secure App
  • The Blackboard tab will give students the option to renew their prescriptions
  • Students can also schedule appointments online and cancel/reschedule appointments
  • The site will also have billing information so that students can be more conscious of how they are billed and the codes that are used
  • Cards will have information about the patient and can be swiped as they check in. This way they don’t have to constantly fill out papers, if their information has not changed [less time waiting to see doctor]
    • Can change and update:
      • Allergies
      • Available address
      • Family medical history
      • Insurance
      • Phone number

4. Research on existing/alternate solutions tried by others

  • Some companies advertise software that compares doctors coding practices to their peers coding practices to find discrepancies.

5. Feasibility of each solution

Each solution we have listed is very possible to happen. It is just some are more likely to happen sooner than other solutions.

The Blackboard Tab: Creating the website is very feasible because FSU already utilizes Blackboard so students are used to working online. The hardest part will be creating the website and databases to support it.

FSU Med Card: To make check in's faster, the University Health center will have to install card readers or they can already use the ones they have to swipe students in. This is also feasible because card readers are used to pull up student profiles at other university buildings such as the Fitness and Movement Clinic and The Leach Center.

Billing Tab: Finding a way to sync the billing information to the MedFsu site is feasible. The billing information is posted under the Secure tabs on Blackboard on the "My Account" tab. It is not as detailed as the billing tabs will be on the MedFsu site. University Health Center already keeps a database of all the bills so they would just have to either input the information from there onto the MedFsu site or link a database.

Appointment Tab: The appointment tab can be linked to a calendar with the doctors schedules. This option is also feasible because at FSU, the College of Human Sciences already uses an online appointment system to schedule appointments with academic advisors. A model similar to this could be used for the MedFSU card website.
A link to the CHS Online Appointment Advising System:

6. Your chosen approach (and reasons)

Our group has two main approaches:
1. To make a card students/patients can swipe
  • To make check in simpler

2. Create Blackboard Tab
  • Security feature: Extra PIN
    • If lost/stolen: Able to cancel and replacement is available
      • New PIN will be issued
  • Let’s students/patients see the billing information
  • Results are linked right away to see it
  • Can change anything, (i.e. address and medical updates) before entering doctors office
  • Able to make an appointment with the click of the button

7.Your timeline for completion

  • Our weekly meeting will help keep us on point
  • Make solution prototypes by November 9th
  • Complete final project by no later than November 26th

8.Team workload and roles

- Website Design and Programming: Quin Coston, John Idasetima
-Website Content: Nephtalie Pierre, Kristina Pittman, Nina Hecht

9. Meeting minutes

Date: 11/16/12
Idea for Presentation:
Have two students enter the doctor's office. One has an FSU med card the other does not. Show how much time is saved by checking in using the FSU medcard versus writing patient history on paper. Then give a demonstration of the website.

Date: 11/3/12
Outline of Prototype
1. Login page using a new pin for extra security
2. Homepage with appointments, scheduling and history
3. Tabs
  1. account info (to make check in faster)
  2. billing info
  3. codes & what they mean
  4. Appointments
  5. support (security, lost card, issues)

Date: 9/14/12
A card that has health records
-Focused on implementation in universities
- It is connected to a blackboard and there is a tab where you can see your history, symptoms to help self diagnose, and payments owed
- Another pin to provide extra security
-doctors and nurses could use a time card to insure accurate time charged for services
-card could also have prescription information to get medicine at the pharmacy
-fill out patient history that you know and have it on your card to make it faster
-efficiency vs defensive medicine
-the information on the card, from initial registration at fsu, swipe in at thagard, and the computer automatically fills in what is on your card then fill out the spots that have changed since last appointment
-how to increase the efficiency of the fsu card for more efficient health care
-security issues of losing fsu card?

-Blackboard tab: health record, payments owed & details of what was billed (like an account statement) and information on symptoms to help students self diagnose
-Having information on symptoms will help students categorize their symptoms, to help diagnose their problem and possible treatments so that students are more informed when the visit the doctor
-FSU Card has information current medical history so that it is more efficient when you check in to Thagard. You only have to fill in the information that has changed since your last visit.

10. Solution prototypes

11. Final Solutions

  • By making these cards it will:
    • To help cut the cost of US healthcare by first cutting the cost at FSU.
    • Patients will become more knowledgeable
    • Make doctor visits run more smoothly and effectively
      • Less patient time wasted and less upcoding

12. Next steps

  • Begin to advertise
  • Make an App
  • To branch out to other doctor offices
  • Keep everything up-to-date

Ideas for the future:
- Tab with treatment options
-Mobile App