Description: MEDCIN is a system of standardized medical terminology. Its medical vocabulary was developed by MediComp Systems INC.
Medcin is a Point of Care terminology database which has been under development for the past 28 years. Medcin, contains over 270,000 clinical elements with 72 million S.O.A.P. links, which are codified. This codification process allows for true interoperability with regards to patient information exchange! Medcin is derived from CMS guidelines for Evaluation and Management.

This database is also updated with new clinical data on a quarterly basis; every year. Medcin-based EMRs are the largest Point of Care systems in use today and will only continue to get larger! The Department of Defense is currently installing a Medcin based product world-wide into every one of their medical facilities! Codified data, captured at the point of care, is the foundation for full and useful interoperability.

As stated before, the seamless interoperability of codified data based on an industry standard is an everyday occurrence in various industries, including banking transactions and insurance claims processing. In the healthcare industry, codified data will allow for significant interoperability opportunities in research, advanced access to patient data and data sharing between facilities while preserving patient confidentiality.

MEDCIN is a codified computer generated nomenclature, which allows for seamless patient data information exchange! Providers and practices now have the ability to share patient information in an electronic format (or interoperability); just as the business industry has had the luxury of doing for many years, already!

Applications: MEDCIN is intended to be used by clinicians and clinical application developers with the purpose of being an electronic medical record engine. It will allow allow for rapid entry, retrieval, and correlation of clinical information at point of care. MEDCIN terminology is intended to be used with EMR's and is embedded within them. It is also used with Computer Physician order entry of CPOE as well as being used for emergency room charting

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