Mantoux Test


The mantoux test is a screening tool for tuberculosis. It is one of the major tuberculin skin tests used around the world, largely replacing multiple-puncture tests such as the Tine test. A Mantoux skin test can show if you have latent tuberculosis infection. You could have latent tuberculosis infection if you have ever spent time close to someone with active tuberculosis disease, even if you didn’t know they were sick. Your health care provider will use a small needle to inject some harmless testing fluid, called “tuberculin”, under the skin on your arm.

You should have a Mantoux test if:

  • you have had frequent close contact with someone who has active tuberculosis disease.
  • you have lived in a country where many people have tuberculosis.
  • you work or live in a nursing home, clinic, hospital, prison, or homeless shelter
  • you have HIV infection or certain other health problems.

How is the Mantoux Test performed?

The mantoux test is performed by injecting 0.1 ml of tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) into the inner surface of the forearm. The injection should be made with a tuberculin syringe, with the needle bevel facing upward. The mantoux test is an intradermal injection. When placed correctly, the injection should produce a pale elevation of the skin (a wheal) 6 to 10 mm in diameter.


There are two phases of tuberculosis. Both phases can be treated with medicine. When tuberculosis germs first enter your body,they cause latent tuberculosis infection.Without treatment, latent tuberculosis infection can become active tuberculosis disease. Anyone can get tuberculosis because it spreads from one person to another through the air.

Related Terminology:

Tuberculin- a sterile liquid containing proteins extracted from cultures of tubercle bacilli and used in tests for tuberculosis
Bacterium- any one of a group of very small living things that often cause disease
Infectious- caused by or capable of being transmitted by infection

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Mantoux Test