MapMyRUN is an app that is used for tracking, logging, and analyzing daily runs. MapMyRUN works by either recording routes via live GPS or through manual logging done by the user. With the data, MapMyRUN updates the user's profile with the stats recorded. It keeps track of the number of runs, total miles accumulated, overall duration, average speed and pace. Workouts can be viewed individually as well. With a ton of helpful features, MapMyRUN works to increase the overall quality of its users runs. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.2 or later.

MapMyRUN helps users create and accomplish their goals. After inputting goals into MapMyRUN, the app will play voice announcements to ensure its user stays on track. For instance, if a goal setter plans to finish his or her run within twenty minutes but is going too slow, the app will state "below target pace, speed up!".

Creating, finding and saving routes using MapMyRUN is extremely easy. MapMyRUN gives its users the ability to plan their routes ahead of time and bookmark them. If a user is not sure of the path he or she wants to take, then route genius will allow him or her to view routes in the local area created by other users or build one depending on the desired distance inputted. This feature is great because it allows users to discover new running paths and get a break from running the same mundane way.

If a user is interested in recording his or her food intake, MapMyRUN provides a calorie budget calculator. All the user has to do is input his or her total consumption of food and water along with activity level. In return, a calorie budget will be given. Thus, users will know exactly how many more calories left they are allowed to eat or if they have gone over the budget. The app also provides a weight tracker by date and a daily intake total to show users how many carbohydrates, fats, etc... they have ate.

MapMyRUN also provides users with the ability to view their heart rate analytics from a run. Therefore, users can view their intensity during their runs and track their min, max, and average heart rate per mile. Thus, knowing exactly what it takes to improve their performance. The application also analyzes powder and cadence analytics. Users can track power output per mile and view performance summary graphs at the end of their runs. This feature is a great tool for measuring gains.

For fans of social media, MapMyRUN offers users the ability to share their runs and achievements on social networking sites. Thus, if a user wants to gain extra motivation or brag about his or her work, then he or she can post their runs on these types of sites.

Live Recording
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Manual Tracking

After the user is done with the workout they are able to decide if they want to save or discard the workout. If they discard the workout, all data is lost. Once, that's done you are able to see your complete route, the duration of the workout, the burned calories, average speed and pace, and max speed and pace. The app allows users to have a detailed idea of the workout performed.

Saved Routes
Route Summary

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