MarrowXpress is a system that will set the standard for isolating and receiving stem cells from bone marrow aspirate. The system is fully automated, fully closed and complete sterile that allows the user to volume-reduce bone marrow to a set amount while still retaining over 90% of mononuclear cells. After the samples are taken the MarrowXpress then separates and concentrates them, all in the short time of 30 minutes. The MarrowXpress also provides quick and accurate data tracking and the ability to link to other AXP (auto express ThermoGenesis ) devices.

The MarrowXpress also offers users to have multiple instruments in one device with the ability to offer reliable data tracking and management of the data. The MarrowXpress uses a Ni-MH battery allowing it to be self powered and efficient. Essentially the MarrowXpress doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but it does allow it to move much smoother with the functionality of multiple devices in one.


MarrowXpress is a product used for separating and sterilizing bone marrow from donors to be used in patients with cancer like lukemia.
MarrowXpress is innovative because it is an automated process that takes what used to be a tedious and complicated procedure and creates and almost error-proof method of saving bone marrow.


  • 90% mononuclear cell retention
  • Self-Powered
  • Automated
  • Precision
  • Low red blood cell contamination
  • sterile


• Use of automated system to extract bone marrow cells
• High Yield of said cells
• Self contained bone marrow cell extraction station
• Data management for bone marrow cell extraction
• One stop bone marrow shop


Mononuclear cells- Lymphocytes, dendritic cells and monocytes/macrophages. These are usually found in the blood, but also in tissues.

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