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MediMath is an application for the iTouch or iPhone. MadiMath
is a calculator for physicians that has 74 different features. It has a
great interface that operates smoothly. Being an application on the
iPhone and iTouch helps its portability and can be accessed whenever
needed. This is very helpful to physicians, for they will spend less time
crunching numbers, and more time with the patients, which is more
time efficient and saves money overall. This application makes it very
easy; all you have to do is enter the numbers, factors, units and get a
result without digging through multiple screens.

Some of the types of calculators on the MediMath application include:
  • APGAR Score
  • Bicarbonate Deficit
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Mass Index for Pediatricians
  • Hepatitis Discriminant
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • MELD Score
  • Oxygenation Index
  • PELD Score
  • Sodium Deficit
  • Water Deficit
  • GRF (overall index of kidney function)
  • Predict cardiac mortality with the Framingham cardiac risk score
  • Calculate the reticulocyte index

This application is helpful for any kind of medical profession; nurse,
physician or trainee. It even has a "Favorites" section for the
calculations you make the most, so that it is even easier to have
the calculators you use the most at your fingertips for easy conversion.

Some physicians that have downloaded the application have
given there feedback on it. The designer of the program has taken
their feedback and made adjustments and added features to the
application since it was released.

The newest edition of the Medimath is Medimath 2.6, with 134
equations and scores. Here are the features:

  • A-a Oxygen Gradient
  • Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS)
  • ABCD score
  • ABCD^2 (Restroke Risk)
  • Absolute Neutrophil Count
  • Acid-Base Interpretation
  • Age
  • Allowable Blood Loss
  • Alvarado Appendicitis Score
  • Anion Gap (Serum)
  • Anion Gap (Urine)
  • Aortic Valve Area (Continuity)
  • Aortic Valve Area (Gorlin)
  • Apache II (ICU Scoring)
  • APGAR Score
  • Arterial Oxygen Content
  • Arterial Oxygen Delivery
  • ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines (for in depth ATP III coverage, see my standalone application ATP3 Lipids)
  • Barthel's ADL Index
  • Basal Energy Expenditure
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Bicarbonate Deficit
  • Bishop Score (Labor Induction)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Mass Index for Age (Pediatric BMI)
  • Body Surface Area (DuBois)
  • Body Surface Area (Mosteller)
  • Body Surface Area (Haycock)
  • Body Surface Area (No Height)
  • Bohr Dead Space
  • Boston Heart Failure Criteria
  • Burn Fluid Requirements (Parkland)
  • Carboplatin Dosing
  • Cardiac Output (CO)
  • CHADS Score (AFib Stroke Risk)
  • Change In Serum Sodium (IV Fluids)
  • Charlson Comborbidity Index
  • Child-Pugh Score
  • CHIP (CT in Head Injury Patient) Rule
  • Chronotropic Index
  • Corrected CSF WBCs for RBCs
  • Corrected QT from HR
  • Corrected QT from RR
  • Corrected Serum Calcium
  • Corrected Serum Phenytoin
  • Corrected Serum Sodium
  • Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
  • Creatinine Clearance (Measured)
  • CURB-65 Pneumonia Mortality
  • Dermatome Map
  • Duke Treadmill CAD Stress Score
  • Endotracheal Tube Size (Pediatric)
  • Fibromyalgia Tender Points
  • Fraction Excretion of Sodium (FeNA)
  • Framingham Cardiac Risk
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) - CPK-EPI, MDRD, Wright, Cockcroft-Gault, and Salazar-Corcoran
  • Heart Rate from EKG
  • Hepatitis Discriminant
  • Ideal Body Weight
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage Volume and Mortality calculator (ABC/2 method)
  • Iron Deficit
  • IV Concentration
  • IV Concentration with Weight
  • IV Dose
  • IV Dose with Weight
  • IV Rate
  • IV Rate with Weight
  • Kt/V (Daugirdas formula)
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Lean Body Weight
  • Length Conversion
  • Light Criteria for Exudative Pleural Effusion
  • Maintenance Fluids
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • MELD Score
  • Mixed Venous Oxygen Content
  • Negative Predictive Value (Prospective)
  • Negative Predictive Value (Retrospective)
  • NIH Stroke Scale
  • Number Needed to Harm (Retrospective)
  • Number Needed to Treat (Retrospective)
  • Number Needed To Treat/Harm (Prospective)
  • Obstetrics (OB) Calculator
  • ODIN ICU Mortality Score
  • Opioid Conversion
  • Osmolal Gap (Stool)
  • Osmolality (Serum)
  • Ottawa Ankle / Foot Rules
  • Oxygenation Index
  • Oxygen Tank Time Remaining
  • Peak Flow (Predicted)
  • Pediatric Dosing
  • PELD Score
  • Perioperative Cardiac Risk
  • pH (Henderson-Hasselbach Equation)
  • PORT Score (Pneumonia Mortality)
  • Positive Predictive Value (Prospective)
  • Positive Predictive Value (Retrospective)
  • Pressure Gradient
  • Ranson's Criteria (Pancreatitis Mortality)
  • Reticulocyte Index
  • Sensitivity and Specificity (Bayesian)
  • Simplified Revised Geneva PE Score
  • SIRS Criteria
  • Sodium Deficit
  • Steroid Conversion
  • Target Heart Rate
  • Temperature Conversion
  • TIMI Score (STEMI)
  • TIMI Score (Unstable Angina/NSTEMI)
  • Transtubular Potassium Gradient
  • Umbilical Line Placement
  • Urine Output
  • Vascular Resistances
  • Volume Conversion
  • Water Deficit
  • Weight Conversion
  • Wells Criteria for DVT
  • Wells Criteria for PE
  • Winter's Formula
There will be more versions coming out as the MediMath is improved.

About the Developer:
MediMath is developed by Evan Schoenberg, M.D., a medical resident training in ophthalmology at Tulane University. In addition to MediMath, Evan is responsible for ICD9 Consult, ATP3 Lipids, and Perfect OB Wheel. He is the lead developer of Adium, the premiere free open source instant messaging client for Mac OS X, and is also closely involved with Growl, Pidgin, and other projects. He co-owns Saltatory Software.

Applications: Apple iTouch iPod and Apple iPhone

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