Medical Informatics Public Utlity:

Serves as the repository for the real time medical records of the public and would offer a quality and efficiency of care that can potentially free up 25% of the health care spending in the United States alone to meet the growing needs of the aging population.


  • Both political parties continue to squabble without solutions about the escalating costs of health care as benefits erode and more and more working Americans lose coverage. The problem with controlling health care costs is that the health care system itself is out of control because it lacks controls.
  • 1.5 miliion people has been effected due to medical errors
  • Electronic medical records software companies are incapable of communicating across their provincial software platforms.

Solutions/Effects on to health care:

  • MIPS would serve as a common platform of communication for all existing softwares and for public medical records.
  • It would serve as a tremendous economic engine in that: the real time database developed would create a platform to get new treatments to market more quickly and more effectively evaluated hit1.jpg
  • Spot epidemiological events faster
  • Induce software developers to develop products for the new total repository environment
  • Free up funds to utilize more hands on care
  • Allow for patient centered care and patient control of their health care
  • Allow physician to physician access of the patient's complete medical record