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Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals. With the development of electronic publishing, many medical journals now have Web sites on the Internet, and some journals publish only online. A few medical journals, like JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, are considered general medical journals because they cover many fields of medicine. Most medical journals are specialty journals that focus on a particular area of medicine.
Medical journals are a set of scientific journals devoted to the field of medicine which are mostly peer-reviewed. Medical journals commonly arose as the precursor to the British Medical Association, and would originally be collections of letters sent to the society by distant members, with an account of the proceedings of the society's recent meetings distributed to various members and the library.
Some of the better known medical journals with high impact factors are as follows:

  • The New England Journal of Medicine
  • The Lance
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Nature Medicine
  • British Medical Journal
  • Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Canadian Medical Association Journal.

By the early 21st century, most public health and medical journals were available online, thus increasing their accessibility worldwide. There is a general move from print as primary medium to electronic publication, an example being the online journals published by BioMed Central.
With the advent of online publication, some health journals are transforming from traditional subscription-based and pay-per-view access to open access for some or all of their content.

Types Of Articles
Research articles report the results of research studies on a range of topics varying from the basic mechanisms of diseases to clinical trials that compare outcomes of different treatments. Research articles on important topics may be covered by the news media after they are published in a medical journal.
• Review articles summarize and analyze the information available on a specific topic based on a careful search of the medical literature. Because the results of individual research studies can be affected by many factors, combining results from different studies on the same topic can be helpful in reaching conclusions about the scientific evidence for preventing, diagnosing, or treating a particular disease.
• Case conferences and case reports may be published in medical journals to educate clinicians about particular illnesses and how to treat them.
• Editorials in medical journals are short essays that express the views of the authors, often regarding a research or review article published in the same issue. Editorials provide perspective on how the current article fits with other information on the same topic.
• Letters to the editor provide a way for readers of the medical journal to express comments, questions, or criticisms about articles published in that journal. Short research reports and case reports may also be published as letters to the editor.

Applications: Medical journals are applied today to further the knowledge of not just physicians, but also patients. It has evolved into a source of information for the public to reference and for people all over to understand a little bit more about how things are working in the medical field today. Also posted in the journals are new technologies and research that is currently happening. Up to date news articles are posted regularly to include patients into the medical world and give them a taste of how health care will soon be evolving for the better.

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