Term: Medical Software Engineering

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The process of Software Engineering is defined as the application of various systematic design principles in order to develop, use or maintain computer software. These design principles allow for software to be designed with ease of management in mind. Software programs can be massive, millions of lines of code all together. Without the principles of software engineering it would be nearly impossible to efficiently create and manage these programs,

The end result of all this are programs. Programs that are used every day. Operating systems, word processors, games and pretty much any other type of software all all produced in the same general manner, just with different goals in mind.


This is a fairly broad range in the medical field. Medical software can include EMR's,PHR's, diagnostic software,medical databases,simulations, and more. Specialized software is a massive boon to the medical industry as a whole. While sometimes expensive the increase in quality and efficency in medical care for the patient tends to outweigh the costs in the long run.

While still in its early stages specialized software to suplement care is going to be a major part of medicine in the near future.

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