Term: Medical Transcription Software

Description: Medical Transcription Software is software designed to take inputted speech via a microphone, electronic recorder, or any other type of dictation equipment; and transforms it into formatted text.

Applications: Doctors and other health professionals often use dictation as a means to efficiently take notes throughout their busy lives. Utilizing Medical Transcription Software like Dragon, can eliminate the staffing need for a transcriber for a small practice or allow a medical transcriber to handle a larger work load, which could save a doctors office or hospital thousands of dollars a year.

Concerns: The following are some of the problems encountered with current transcription technologies:
  • Accuracy: Will the device record accurately and will the notes be transcribed accurately?
  • Cost: While this device will save money in healthcare in the long run, what are the immediate costs?
  • Time: Will the device take time to learn and is additional formatting needed?

In the News:

3M's patented intelligent language processing software, delivered by BT-

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  • "The new software solution, developed by the Health Information Systems Division of global technology company 3M, can improve clinical documentation and streamline the workflow between clinicians and medical transcriptionists. Delivered in partnership with BT, one of the world's leading providers of communications services and solutions, the solution increases the productivity of transcriptionists through its powerful combination of dictation, voice recognition and transcription distribution tools."

  • 3M's solution to the concerns:
    • Time - "Speech recognition solutions typically deliver unformatted data, requiring additional intervention to format to individual requirements... By using 3M's patented SyncStream Intelligent Language Processing software, the solution translates and formats backend speech recognition results directly into the desired format. Transcriptionists benefit from 'ready for editing' documents automatically formatted into facility-specific medical reports, discharge summaries or referral letters. The data is accessible for on-screen sharing, hard copy print, or email allowing fast and efficient distribution to the patient's specified care provider... First draft documents are available in less than an hour ready for editing, approval and electronic signature at any PC or device that supports Window.NET."
      • Also... "with none of the working time constraints and geographical limitations of traditional transcription services, this new digital solution can reduce delays in reporting and sharing data, thus supporting clinical efficiency and improvements to patient care."
    • Accuracy - This application automatically transcribes live or recorded speech with a high level of accuracy. Because the software is 'intelligent,' its accuracy increases with use as it automatically refines its understanding of an individual's voice pattern. By eliminating gaps and hesitation, correcting grammatical errors, expanding abbreviations and defining acronyms, it produces fast, accurate documents without the need for clinicians to change their dictation style or workflow."
    • Cost - "Based on a 'pay as you go' principle - charged in accordance with the volume of approved data lines and characters transcribed - healthcare providers can benefit from cost efficiencies without up-front capital expenditure. The increased productivity and financial benefits can thus be redirected to patient-focused and other value-add areas."

  • The Results:
    • "Already adopted in some United Sates healthcare facilities, the 3M solution has delivered an increasing trend in the average lines per hour of transcriptionist productivity and savings of up to GBP200,000 year through reduced transcription outsourcing. Clinicians report that the technology is helping to standardise and improve the quality of reporting, which in turn, improves patient care and safety."
  • The Article: http://www.equities.com/news/headline-story?dt=2012-11-08&val=687909&cat=hcare

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Software recognizes speech wave patterns and turns into text.