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Description:With the increasing ability to do so many things online, Medical E-Consultation seems to be growing as one of a patients options for retrieving health care. EMR's, EHR's, PHR's, and Online Pharmacies are some of the new technologies that will also help to increase the availability for Medical E-Consulting. Medical E-Consulting is a very convenient option for patients who have seen their local or primary doctor and need to consult with a specialist. Medical E-Consulting allows the patient to consult with a specialist about the issue that they are experiencing from home or from the primary doctors office using an electronic health record. This option for health care not only allows patients to seek care from a large scale of physicians, but it can potentially cut costs for patients as he or she could save all the money involved with otherwise traveling to seek care of specific specialist.

“Healthcare professionals are among the last, if not the last, service providers to not use email to communicate with the people they serve. ” (Joeseph Kvedar). Medical e-consultations are able to break the habit of not having a solid ground of communication with consumers thanks to the internet. As much as patients are able to communicate with their doctors, and physicians, medical professionals will also be able to transmit data between each other; overall helping the patients' well-being.

There are many online health care options like EliteHealth that give patients membership options that offer services like priority appointments, annual wellness evaluations, preventive health screening and more. They are also a viable option for medical records storage, daily health tracking, and prescription refills. EliteHealth has a mission to provide health care at the highest level possible, whether patients are contacted via e-mail, instant messaging, or the lastest video conferencing technology, patients will recieve confidential information they can trust over a secure messaging system. There are locations in nine major cities that also provide more options for patients who need to see a physician in person. Second opinion E-Consulting options are are on the rise as Life Insurance Companies more frequently require second opinions as part of the medical process. Second opinions allow for more profitability of these Insurance Companies as they generally eliminate extra costs associated with unnecessary care.

  • Online Medical Record Access (EMR)
  • Consultation With Physicians Worldwide
  • Electronic Prescription Refill Request
  • Preventative Wellness Healthcare
  • More Profitability For Insurance Companies

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Why Elite Health and Medical e-consultation?:

EliteHealth provides physicians with proven revenue-generating solutions. Their tried and tested membership plans along with myEliteHealth online tool help physicians gain efficiency, save cost, increase revenue and provide better customer service. EliteHealth offers the highest level of support and a sensible revenue stream for medical practices.

It's not only the provider that demands customers for e-consultations, but as well as the consumer that needs it. With statistics showing that 81 percent of people use the internet for scheduling appointments, 68 percent request prescriptions, 62 percent receive lab results, 59 percent complete medical forms, and 53 percent pay bills it is obvious why most Americans agreed to an online consultation.

To an extent medical e-consultation will also lower medical bills. The average cost of a doctor visit is $150, but with e-consultations the doctor visit comes down $80, sometimes even less. The appeal for low cost service will open the doors to those uninsured. Saving valuable time and money that could be used for work. Surprisingly even doctors will benefit from the low costs. With the possibility for a virtual clinic there would be little to no need for space rental, certain equipment, and other variables that affect owning a private practice. Doctors will also experience a drop in delayed pay, because of the quickness the internet provides.

EliteHealth Technology Solutions & more

EliteHealth's technology solutions offer medical practices a suite of tools which enables them to obtain more revenue and provide higher-level patient care. The main revenue producer is the feature-rich myEliteHealth Patient Portal, but your practice can also increase revenue with eConsultations, and online marketplace purchases.

Money concerns being a big issue in healthcare will be completely minimized, as stated before. To this day families living in rural America still travel hundred of miles to reach the nearest medical facility, in some situations multiple times throughout the month. Even though it doesn't seem like such a hassle to some it is to others. There are families that can only afford to live in rustic areas so driving far distances only add to their financial burden. Traveling to medical facilities also affects the elderly community, especially those without caretakers, and automobiles. For a nurse to come to you their average charge is in the low hundred range (per hour), but if more medical attention is needed the cost for care increases. On top of money being wasted, so is time. A majority of the day is spent waiting on medical affiliated transportation taking you to and from needed destination, as well as waiting for the doctor consultation.

EMR Implementation Assistance

EliteHealth's Technology Solutions also offers discounts on Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that will present patients with the convenience of access to their own medical records online via the patient portal.
Implementing an Electronic Medical Record can be a challenge for any practice. EliteHealth simplifies the process by providing patients with the patient portal and offering assistance in integrating Electronic Medical Record systems. If your practice does not already have an Electronic Medical Record system, EliteHealth has the partnerships with the top EMR solutions that meet the needs of both small, medium and large-sized practices.

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