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MIM Software Inc. (once called MIMvista but has since been renamed), founded in 2001, designs practical software solutions for radian oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuro imaging, and cardiac imaging. MIM offers software for Windows/Mac as well as mobile iOS and cloud based platforms. They are the provider of the MIM Software Suite and are currently leading as a global provider for medical imaging software. As of recently the company released MIM 6.0 featuring 'Reg Refine" which allows users to benefit from tools to look into deformities in a patient.

MIM Software Inc. is a provider of a well known software suite that is designed for every part to work together. This software suite is made for ease of use either at home or at work allowing users to communicate with one another easily and even doctors who do not own the suite.

MIM Maestro
Offers multiple solutions for radiation oncology. The software uses several programs from 'Reg Reveal' to 'ART Assist', below is a list of only some of the packaged programs offered in Maestro:

Reg Reveal & Reg Refine - Allows the user to detect and register areas of deformity in a patient and then also correct the deformity in the imagine to show in comparison what should be occurring and what is currently happening in the deformity.
ART Assist - Automatically updates the images of radiation therapy giving the user an easier time to react and adjust the therapy where needed.
Auto-Contouring - Allows the user to skip the process of pre-contouring an entire structure and adjust slice by slice to instead fit right into the editing workflow giving faster precision.
Some other programs offered are - 'Streamlined Intro-Op', 'PinPoint QA', and 'MR-Guided Biopsy'.

MIM Symphony:
Provides radiation oncologists with a combination of several tools. With multi-modality planning allowing users to display, segment, and review images for planning. A ReSlicer tool for needle insertions to provide fast updated images to allow the user to orient the insertion if needed.

This piece of software was designed for Radiology/Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology Departments. It allows its user to review and analyze of perfusion defect and mycardial viability. It uses 3D and 4D imaging and can be used in ASNC format.

This software provides a quantitative view of brain imaging. This is done by giving the ability to compare images of the brain to a database of the patient comparing by regions and time for the brain. Then the user can easily create reports to allow others to navigate the data and get an understanding of the situation much faster.

This piece of software was designed into two versions. Its primary function is to be a DICOM viewer and a fully functional piece of the software suite. Physicians retrieving the images can view it separately from the software/suite.
MIMviewer Diagnostic can provide image review, manipulation of PET, CT, PET/CT and SPECT/CT image data and can be shared with others.
MIMviewer Referring is a stand alone viewer of DICOM files.

This storage server is a central repository for imaging, registration, and contour data, and is DICOM Radiation Therapy compliance. It was designed with Radiation Oncology and Radiologists in mind. It offers simple administration, improved reliability and backups. It can be integrated with one or multiple PAC systems.

Mobile MIM:
A diagnostic imaging app allowing the user to review x-rays, ultrasounds, consult with peers, etc. all with the portability with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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https://www.mimsoftware.com/manager/templates/mimsoftware/images/products/symphony/pre_op.jpg - Image of the multi-modality planning
https://www.mimsoftware.com/manager/templates/mimsoftware/images/products/symphony/pre_op.jpg - Image of the multi-modality planning