The mobisecure wallet is a design which is intended to make personal identity and other private information easy to access from a mobile device. The wallet is designed to make the access of personal records much more convenient and easy to manage. Mobisecure wallets may be used by mobile phones and computers, making it available to most of the public.

Mobisecure Vault gives the user instant access to large files and stored personal information. Some of the information available includes access to insurrance information, personal health records, and banking information. Information is safely stored on this program and may be sent to a doctor's office by e-mail or fax. Mobisecure Vault may also be senchrenized with the Mobisecure Wallet, in effect creating a more simple lifestyle for all subscribers.

Both the Mobisecure Wallet and Mobisecure Vault use a One Time Password(OTP) for each transaction that is made for security purposes. By using a OTP, it takes an extra step in securing its software. Creating a new password each time the user wants to make a transaction makes it hard for identity theft.

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