My Food Advisor


Is a system that was created by the American Diabetes Association. The system was designed to help diabetes patients discover meal options that will keep them healthy. This website allows 3 ways to better your eating and keep you healthier

  • Explore Foods
  • Recipes
  • Create a Dish

Explore Foods

The explore foods section contains different ways to find the nutrional information about food. The first method is a traditional search in which the user can input a favorite dish of theirs and find it imediately. The list search is also modifiable with advanced filter options for calories, sodium, carbohydrate, saturated fat, and fiber. The other method on the Explore Foods section is a browse method that allows the user to look for food based on characteristics of the food such as carbohydrates, meats, and fats.


The recipes section allows users to search or browse for healthy recipes to fit into their diet. All of the recipes include an ingredients list, instructions, and nutrional information. Also, you can choose a recipe by the amount of calories, carbs, sat fat, and sodium. Once a user has selected a recipe they can then add the ingredients of that recipe to a grocery list that they can then print out and take to the store with them.

Create a Dish

The create a dish section allows users to compile a favorite meal using the recipe and explore foods section and save the dish in their account. Creating your own dish will help you choose meals with less carbs, sodium, and saturated fats.This dish can then be added to grocery list as well with all of the meal's components added.