Near Field Communication, referred as NFC here on out, is a form of contactless connection between smart-devices such as tablets and smartphones. NFC technology provides communication using wireless connections such as Bluetooth to maintain interoperability. Strict standards promotes increased security among NFC operable devices.Interoperability is the key to communicating through different channels with NFC technology in a world that provides multiple modes of smart-technology. The technology behind NFC allows radio-wave access with other compatible devices providing information the intended viewer desires over said technology.

Such technology has been applied to many facets of today's society. NFC technology can be seen in many current issued credit cards that allow remote access to your account view a chip embedded into the card. While some may confused Radio Frequency Identification with NFC, the two differ greatly. RFID prominently utilizes long-wave frequencies while NFC technology is limited to a 4-inch span. This ensures people outisde of a specific distance can not steal or hack into these types of technologies.

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