The UK Department of Health's NHS Connecting for Health is an ambitious project in the realm of national health care systems. As a Development of the Department of Health Informatics Directorate to replace the NHS Information Authority, the NHS CFH is the entity responsible for the IT infrastructure of the UK's national health service. This task is accomplished through national applications and services that centralized EHR's and securely connect the 300 hospitals and 30,000 general practitioners across the UK for easy access.

Patients can easily obtain access to information through many of the offered services and applications. With the use of NHS apps the healthcare process is more efficient and effective.

Patient Services:
  • Choose and book website - allows patients to book appointments and hospital visits at the location of their choice
  • Access to digital scans and x-rays
  • Electronic perscriptions
  • Patient record transfer
  • Health and social care integration
  • NHS Number - unique ten digit number given at birth to indentify a health record or sign up for services
  • NHS care records

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