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The NHS primary care trust is a network of health care providers attempting to centralize healthcare for increased opportunities. These providers are divided into trust with Primary Care Trusts controlling the largest majority of NHS budget (80%) as these are the people we would see first to assess our community, individual, or commissioned health needs. PCT's then work with other Trusts and Authorities (151) to provide adequate care and cures. PCTs commission primary, community and secondary care from providers. Health services will be judged by results, and failing hospitals will be allowed to go bust.

PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) are managed by a team of executive directors headed by a chief executive. These directors are members of the trust's board, together with non-executive directors appointed after open advertisement. The chairman of a trust is a non-executive director. Other board members may include representatives from the trust's Professional Executive Committee (PEC) (elected from local GPs, community nurses, pharmacists, dentists etc.).

Future Insights
The government wants to slash NHS management costs by 45% over four years.

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