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NP ToolBox is a mobile medical reference and calculator designed for Nurse Practitioners specializing in the field of critical care, emergency, or primary care. According to research, NP ToolBox 6.0, has helped reduce stress and error by using the software. This product also provides extensive textbook related content in over 300 areas with most of the information dealing with Emergency Room situations. The software makes it easy to access helpful information on the go when time is of the essence and nurses don't have time to run to the 500 page reference book. NP ToolBox is a must have for anyone in the health care field.

Something that is overlooked during in nursing is the learning curve that nurses face. Nurses often encounter challenges that they are not familiar with. A Mobile application like this can help improve the efficiency of nurses.

NP Toolbox is in verrsion 8.1 as of November of 2013. The app has gone through a few updates over the years.
The most recent revision includes automatic updates, improved content throughout the modules and expanded information for international users.

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An example of a fluid calculator for patients who suffered burn injuries.


NP ToolBox is extremely helpful when dealing with Emergency Room situation when you're not sure of the correct dosage and there is no one around to help.
NP toolbox is now available for Android OS version 2.3.4 and up. As well as iOS 5.0 and up.
Some of the helpful information that NP Toolbox always has available are:

• Abx Wizard - A miniature antibiotic guide, showing recommendations by condition with integrated drug dosing calculator for both children and adults.

• ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation, with 2005 updates.

• Calculators - This expanded section has integrated calculators of items like osmolal gap, croup, apgar, glascow trauma scores, peak flow, oxygen tank time to empty, pregnancy calculator, and much more. This section now has 70 calculators, including a blood alcohol calculator and Stroke score calculators in addition to those aforementioned.

• Fluid Wizard - Pediatric & Adult Burn Fluid calculator, Pediatric bolus and maintenance fluid calculator and new feature of %BSA Burn Calculator for both pediatrics and adults.

• NP Consult -Over 300 areas of textbook type content. As part of auto updates, several content areas will be added frequently to expand this substantial resource.

• PALS -
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation.

• PediAbx - Complete dosing guide with integrated calculators for IV/IM/PO antibiotics for neonates and pediatrics.

• PediCode - Pediatric Code module with top selections that include all needed drugs with a single selection, based upon underlying condition (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis, sepsis) PLUS rapid calculation of doses of over 30 drugs and interventions (Updated 2005 AHA guidelines) needed for emergent pediatric critical care.

• PediDrugs -
Extensive dosing guide with integrated calculators for a wide range of pediatric drugs. Major expansion of this section occurred in version 7.0, including most routinely used drugs.

• PediFever - Rapid calculator of pediatric fever medications.

• PediGrowth - Pediatric growth chart module, based upon 2000 CDC data, with height, weight, head circumference, BMI and Z scores.

• PediOTC - A quick reference to pediatric over the counter medications.

• Sedation Meds - This module calculates doses of agents used for procedural (conscious) sedation for adults and children.

• Toxicology - Comprehensive Toxicology Information divided into information on ingestions, overdoses, toxidromes and the specific antidotes with integrated dose calculator.

NP Toolbox is one of many products offered by Medical Wizards. The current price is $29.00 for a one year subscription. All updates and support are free while under subscription.

It is important to note that this app must be checked for validity. With any technology involving, the item in question must always work. I am not sure whether the information within the app is actual valid as it has not been given a snap of approval by the FDA or another oversight entity.

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