Neotool is a software development company specializing in healthcare informatics software. Their goal is to make healthcare more efficient and cost effective. They provide software for hospitals, clinics, labs, and imaging centers. They are a part of the HL7 organization. HL7 is a standard for interoperability in the healthcare informatics field. Besides software, the company offers training and consulting. The goal of the training classes is to teach consumers how to use HL7 software, spread awareness of HL7, and promote it in the field. They do consultations with healthcare providers to show them how easy it can be to move to electronic records and encourage the transition to eletronic storage and retrieval.


Here are the software programs offered by Neotool.


This software is designed to solve the problem of remote access to multiple servers. This web based software helps connect point of care loactions with EMRs quickly and securley. The software enables the user to connect multiple networks seamlessly. This means clinics can connect to EMR databases, project management systems, and other clinical information at one location. Most importantly, the software enables the users to send encrypted patient information safely and securely to any remote location or other healthcare provider.

This software speeds up the process of collecting patient information. It also enables the safe and secure sharing of information from one business to another. Opening up the communication airways is vital to effective healthcare and this software makes it easier, safer, and more efficient.


This browser based software is used for communication. It ensures quality by making sure documents conform to the latest HL7 standards. It has many embedded faetures to allow the user to organize, edit, and search for messages.

Interoperability between healthcare providers is vital to communication. This software ensures that both parties can send and recieve infromtion in a format that both can read.


This software is a interface engine designed to ease the process of electronic interface. The software organizes, manages, and stores patient information with minimal effort by the user. The software supports multiple standards including HL7, XML, and CSV.

Lack of knowledge had been a major hindrance in the adoption of EMRs. Software such as this eliminates that fear and helps to integrate technology into the healthcare field.


Neotool is one of many software development companies working to integrate technology into healthcare. Interoperability, training, cost, and effort have been some of the biggest problems preventing the widespread adoption of healthcare informatics. Each of Neotool's software programs address one or more of these concerns. Making electronic intergration simple and painless will encourage adoption. Not only will this increase healthcare provider's productivity but lower cost and mistakes.

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