Nike + is a new way of training. With a focus on the running athlete, It is a more interactive way to track progress, set and achieve goals, elevate your personal fitness, and use smart tracking technology to make monitoring one's health easier and much more fun. Nike + can be synced with many hardware fitness machines such as Cybex with seamless ease of use and your workout results are stored right on your IPod. All you have to do is plug your IPod into your computer after a workout or run and the data is automatically uploaded to your Nike + personal profile which you set up to personalize your specific fitness goals. Getting started is simple. You may use any existing facebook or twitter account to register.



Nike and Apple have teamed up to design a certain shoe that will track people's cardio work outs. The Nike shoe will have a small chip under the sole of the shoe. This chip will store all the information such as, distance traveled, calories burned, and elapsed time. This is done because there is a receiver that connects to the ipod which allows you to either upload on your computer or while working out you can view your ipod or listen to the information that is being recorded.

Nike+ FuelBand

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Nike+ FuelBand uses a sport-tested accelerometer to track activity, then it sends it to the NikeFuel Band. The band is able to track activities such as running, walking, dancing, basketball and many others. In addition to the results on the actual band itself is also syncs with a web and mobile motivational experience.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS


The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is more than just a cool looking watch. It is able to track GPS, Pace, Timer, Calories, Heart Rate, Pedometer, Mark Laps and Intervals, and the time of course. This watch is also water resistant, so you can exercise in the weather. The SportWatch helps keep you motivated with an automatic run-reminder, acting as your very own motivation coach. During your run as it tracks all that information it also stores the information in a personal running record to help track progress.

Nike+ Running App


Available on both iPhone and Android the Nike+ Running App acts as a motivation and game play type aid. This app tracks your running indoors and out, it even uses GPS on the Android version. You are able to view all your activity on and share your runs with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The game aspect comes from the ability to unlock achievements and earn badges every time you beat your best or reach a new milestone. You can even challenge yourself by trying to beat yesterdays or a week ago's run right from the phone screen. Don't forget you can also listen to music as you train!

Nike+ SportBand


The Nike+ SportBand is essentially the same as the SportWatch minus the GPS. This option is cheaper with most of the same features and has a much longer battery life. It uses the Nike+ Sensor in your shoes to sync with the SportBand giving you real time feedback on your activity. The SportBand is able to track Pace, Time, Calories, Heart Rate and Pedometer.

Nike+ Kinect Training


One of the newer items to the Nike+ family is the Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360. With this unique training game you can get a personalized program to help you get closer to your personal goal. The Nike in game personal trainer will assess body range motion and help measure and compare your progress. Benchmark,track your progress, and even connect with friends across xbox communities and be able to train together.

Nike+ Basketball


This is the latest addition to the Nike+ family. Nike+ Basketball measures your game and pushes you to raise the intensity. The Nike+ Sensors track how high, quick, and hard you play. The sensors are located in this special Nike shoe and track every move you make on the court. Currently the shoes can only sync (wirelessly through Bluetooth) with an IOS compatiable device. Like the other products it tracks your progress and presents it in a motivational way. This product also has the ability to share stats on Facebook.


The use of the IPOD allows you to get your personal trainer. Nike+ uses technology to let people track their workouts. Just like Heart Rate Monitors, this allows you to gather information and upload directly to your computer. Also, Nike and Apple teaming up provides an instant update to, which keeps track of all your workouts.

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