Term: Open Source Health Care Alliance - OSHCA

Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA) is a non-profit collaborative organization of civil societies and professionals in healthcare and information technology promoting free/open source software in healthcare. They support the principles of open source software, including gearing development for users, flexible and dynamic development process, rapid spread of innovation, collaborative development, resource sharing and reusing, access from developing countries, and peer review.

In addition, they promote the collaboration of users, developers, and policy makers from around the globe. They believe in the user-centered open source concept for its cost effectiveness, usability, and quality. They are also concerned with the legal and ethical deployment of software.

OSHCA's mission includes
  • Promote the concept of open source and free healthcare software to policy-makers
  • Lead the effort to standardize and define how open source software applies to healthcare, including quality control and data interchange
  • Participate in Human Capacity Building in developing countries
  • Enable member collaboration of technical and medical knowledge and provide resources software developers
  • Help create healthcare-related development consortia

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