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National efforts are underway to build a National Health Information Network (NHIN). These efforts call for collaboration of various organizations and agencies interested in clinical, public health and population health information to promote and protect public health. The PSDHC organization was established after HIPAA to represent the public health needs in regards to standards and sensitive public health information.

The Public Health Data Standards Consortium is a non-profit membership-based organization of:
• Federal, State and Local Agencies
• National and Local Professional Organizations
• Academia
• Public and Private Sector Organizations
• International Members
• Individuals

Mission Statement of PSDHC:

The Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC) committed to bring a common voice from the public health community to the national efforts of standardization of health and health care information.

The consortium is affliliated with the CDC and the NCHS and was developed in 1999 to promote standards within the many branches of public health information sharing and research between officials, organizations, the health community and the public This consortium is comprised of 4 major committees: Data Standards Committee, Privacy, Security and Data Sharing Committee, Nationwide Health Information Network Committee (NHIN), and Communication and Outreach. The organization seeks to promote public education on health care issue and standards and protect the right to accurate health information.

Public Health Needs

Strategic Plan (directly from PSDHC)

To fulfill its mission the Consortium will:
  • Promote the integration Promote the integration of health-related data systems to meet the health data needs of public and private organizations, agencies and individuals;
  • Represent public health interests (state and local agencies and research communities) in the on-going processes of the development and implementation of national health care standards by involvement in the activities of the existing clinical, administrative, and other relevant data standards development and content organizations;
  • Identify priorities for the development and implementation of new national data standards for population health, including standardization of environmental, socio-cultural, economic and other data relevant to population health;
  • Educate public health community about standards and standard development community about public health data needs; and
  • Participate in the international efforts on standardization of health-related information.
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