Term: Patient Admission Prediction Tool

Description: The Patient Admission Prediction Tool was researched and founded doctors/clinicians at Gold Coast and Toowoomba Hospitals and Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology, with collaboration of the Australian e-Health Research Centre (AeHRC). AeHRC is a joint project between CSIRO and that has become one of the leading healthcare organizations in technology innovations.

The idea came around when AeHRC wanted to implement some program that would make it easier for medical organizations to plan for patients and emergencies. Mainly the idea was spawned to just assist doctors and their associates with the panning and organization upkeep of their patients, but it turned into a much more diverse and complicated goal. They wanted to design a program that would literally anticipate when patients came into the medical facilities. The system they came up with is an application called The Patient Admission Prediction Tool. This program has been tested at two fairly sizable hospitals in Australia, and the AeHRC plans on testing it in a few major hospitals within the next 12 months.

Overall the tool is aimed at hospitals which contain over 12 bedding managers and uses historical data in order to make its predictions. With an ever-changing database of past and current patient numbers at its hands, the Patient Admission Prediction Tool helps medical facilities make close estimates of the rushes hospitals receive on a daily basis. The software can predict busy times for hours, days, and even weeks in advance of an actual patient rush. This software has already made tremendous efforts to relieve hospital nurses and doctors of a stressful environment, and as time goes on it only improves its predictions. Overall this software will prevent under scheduling and help hospital efficiency a lot.


  • Mainly Used on Computers
  • Could be Implemented for Phone Usage

Web Resources:

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