Term: PatientKeeper

Description: It started more than 10 years ago with a simple observation: physicians need an easier way to access and work with patient information. Long before the popularization of electronic health records and the advent of Meaningful Use incentives, PatientKeeper is a pioneer, offering physicians a single view of their patients’ information, integrated from multiple systems across a hospital, and easily accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Applications: PatientKeeper is the leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians. PatientKeeper offers the industry’s only suite of applications that support physicians throughout their entire day
  • Enabling them to review electronic patient record
  • Write ePrescriptions
  • Enter charges
  • Dictate notes
  • Document encounters
  • Place orders
  • Consult with other caregivers
Mobile Platform: Physician adoption of mobile devices has the potential to profoundly impact the practice of clinical medicine. The rapid and deep adoption of smartphones and tablets by physicians has given rise to an entire sub-category of healthcare IT called mHealth.
Benefits of an Integrated Mobile App for Physicians includes
  • Support the devices physicians use — iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry
  • Give physicians the flexibility to manage their patients’ care from a handheld device
  • Enable physicians to view accurate and up to date lists of patients and their current locations for rounding and daily care management
    • Let physicians see a complete and updated view of a patient’s clinical record aggregated from multiple clinical systems, all from a single app
    • Give physicians the option of using a tablet as their primary device to support their full workflow

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CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry): Allows physicians to enter orders for lab tests, diagnostic images, meds and other services within the hospital setting.
Mobile CPOE: Complements a hospital's existing CPOE solution by extending physicians' access to electronic ordering to their favorite mobile devices, including smartphones and iPads.
Physician Portal: Provides physicians with a single environment to work with patient information from systems across the hospital and the healthcare community

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Video Demonstration of Mobile CPOE & PatientKeeper Charge capture streamline billing workflow

Patientkeeper CPOE Video Demonstration