PeerVue is a healthcare software provider that helps in simplifying diagnostic imaging workflow. This allows for expediated, more reliable and more efficient software & service solutions for clinical information and images across the healthcare enterprise. PeerVue works to create software that improves healthcare practices by assisting both IT vendors and care delivery organizations in delivering care with measurably increasing levels of quality. PeerVue was obtained in 2012 by McKesson one of the largest Healthcare Information Technology Medical corporations in the world.

PeerVue based this product by expanding into healthcare information technology (IT) professional services, offering QICS(Qualitative Intelligence and Communication System) an enterprise workflow solution that works with healthcare organizations existing PACS/RIS and EHR's. The package includes project management services, radiology workflow engineering, and radiology system integration consulting and design. In addition, for healthcare software and IT vendors, the company's peerWorks for solutions providers delivers project and product management services, software development process engineering, and support for sales and marketing.


PeerVue's QICS system is a web-based system that allows healthcare organizations to engage, analyze data, alert users and facilitate workflow at every point through the exam life cycle. (McKesson Acquires peerVue, a Leader in Radiology Workflow Solutions)
QICS: The Qualitative Intelligence Communication System works to help healthcare organizations create healthcare workflows and help manage safety standards, process improvements and also help reduce cost for hospitals.

The QICS system contains four major elements:
- Closed-loop communication engine to address the Workflow challenges in Healthcare.
- An enterprise workflow solution that works with your PACS/RIS and EHR.
- A customized workflow engine that helps eliminate the need for clumsy worksrounds
- Helps you prepare for ICD-10, PQRS and Radiation dose monitoring

qiVue :Peer review and interpretation QI; Rather than developing modules, peerVue designed qiVue to be flexible, enabling organizations to create unlimited "QI Spaces" which can be easily adapted to any regulatory, quality or communications related activity Virtually any number of QI Spaces may be created to fill gaps in workflow and offer solutions for communication and quality related activities typically addressed by manual, paper-based workflows.
Some examples include:roundsvue.gif

  • ACR-Required Peer Review
  • JCAHO Critical Test Results
  • Emergency Dept. Communications and Discrepancies
  • Nighthawk Discrepancy Management
  • Consultation & Follow-up Management
  • Technologist Performance Improvement

qiVue eXpress: qiVue-eXpress provides a turn-key alternative for performing ACR Required peer review or JCAHO Critical Results Management in a fully PACS integrated package. With peerVue's qiVue solution for radiology quality and communications, qiVue-eXpress streamlines CQI activities with web-based and highly secure solutions.

caseVue:Teaching files and Content Management; Easily locate and share clinically relevant images and information to compliment diagnostic interpretation and facilitate medical education. The custom worklist eliminates the time consuming process of preparing for rounds and provides a web-based platform to rapidly access and present dynamic, image-rich cases during rounds.

Web Resources:Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, announces today the availability of workflow integration with peerVue’s qiVue solution. The integration delivers features to IMPAX PACS users that help them address regulatory, quality, and communications challenges and reporting functionality. The integrated solution is available in the U.S. only.

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QI Spaces - Tackle Multiple Workflow, Regulatory, Quality & Communications Challenges

Magnetic Integration – Keep Users Focused & Increase Productivity
PACS- Picture archiving and communication system

RIS- Radiology Information System

EHR- Electronic Health Records

QICS- Qualitative Intelligence and Communication System