Personal Genomics:

Description: Personal genomics is a branch of medical genetics that’s concentration lies in the sequencing and analysis of the genome an individual person. Once a person’s genotype is sequenced and analyzed it can be compared to other published literature on genetics in order to determine the likelihood of genetic traits occurring and the risk of disease contraction.

Applications: Personal genomics is particularly applicable to the emerging field of personalized medicine. An individual’s genome will allow physicians and pharmacists to determine what dosage of a medicine is most effective on an individual, whether a medication is effective in the first place, and introduces the field of predictive medicine to doctor-patient interactions. Predictive medicine is the use and application of information provided by genotypes of individuals when making a decision as to what medical treatments are the most appropriate for a particular individual [1].

The cost of sequencing the genome of an individual has plummeted in the last five years due to the advancing field of next generation DNA sequencing technology. The major next generation sequencing companies, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, and Pacific Biosciences, have already begun commercializing genome sequencing but do not yet provide medical analysis of the data [2].

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