Personal Mobility & Manipulation Appliance (PerMMA)

PerMMA is the only wheelchair with Robotic arms. It was/is being developed at the University of Pittsburgh by a research team of 16 people led by Rory Cooper, who is also partially paralyzed. Even though he still has the use of his arms he meets other accident victims who weren't as fortunate and sees the struggles they endure while trying to perform day to day tasks like cooking or getting dressed.

It is simply more than just a wheelchair with arms. It was developed to bridge the gap between tasks that would normally require assistance and those that do not. Through the use of robotics programming, PerMMA is being developed to detect and predict user intent so that the arms will function with coordination and fluid mobility.

PerMMA would be considered a nurse. It would aide in the transport and care of patients with spinal-cord injuries much like a caretaker would.

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